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How to Help Las Alas help the local Latino community

We had an excellent presentation by leaders of Las Alas. For those who want to follow up, here is some information on how to donate. Let’s all help our neighbors!


Senator Jerry Hill Speaks for the Club’s Annual Meeting

                                     June 27, 1 pm

We are very fortunate to be hearing from retiring Senator Jerry Hill, who is moving on due to term limits. He represents the entire Coastside, most of San Mateo County, and adjacent areas. He will discuss his time in Sacramento and his thoughts on the way forward. His time in the Senate has demonstrated his commitment to the Peninsula through legislation that was signed to ensure access to Martins Beach, increase safety at the CPUC and PG&E, limit High-Speed Rail to a blended, primarily two-track system through San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, increase oversight of auto shredders whose fires were contaminating Redwood City and surrounding communities, and allow vote by mail voters to verify that their vote was counted.

The meeting will also elect a new board for the Club and approve modifications to the Club’s bylaws. Only Club members with paid-up dues will have the opportunity to vote. To join or renew please visit:

For more information or to be sent a link to the meeting, please email


Hello Club members,

Like everyone these days, we have had to make some changes in the way the club operates. However, we are excited that we will be having monthly meetings going forward and will be sharing more political information with you.

We have postponed our annual meeting until the end of June. Watch for information on the exact date, time, and speaker.
We will be electing a board for the 2020-2021 year and making some changes to our bylaws that are required by the State Party related to sexual harassment. Don’t forget that you must be a paid up member to vote (go to http:// for an easy way to renew).

We will be holding a special meeting on Friday, June 12th, by zoom or another similar app.  Our speaker will be Belinda Arriaga, leader of the local Las Alas organization, on the topic of how the current situation is impacting the local community.
We are looking for nominations to the Dems board. If you are interested in participating or if you have someone to nominate, please email:

We welcome suggestions for meeting topics. In addition from hearing from our elected officials, we are working on the following possibilities: reports on the status of the relief effort on the Coastside, Coast Pride, Coastsiders for Better Education Funding, the Biden campaign, Josh Becker (the Democratic candidate for state Senate), and other local campaigns.

Below in this newsletter you will see a lot of information about how to get involved. It’s a critical year and we all care about creating a community, state, and federal government organized around principles of equity, fairness, and good government.

Kathy R. Klein

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